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why choose Learning

why choose Learning

Data science
From FeiTian?

Here Are The Benefits You Will Have Access To

Flexible to Transfer Your Credits To Any Other University In The US

In-depth understanding:

Our university course in data science provides a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of data science concepts, techniques, and tools.

Career Opportunities:

Data science is a highly sought-after field, and completing a data science course can open up numerous career opportunities in industries such as technology, finance, healthcare, and more.

Unique- Transferable to all US universities:

Our programs are recognized and accepted by all universities in the United States. Flexible for transferring to apply the credits you have earned here towards your degree.
we offer you flexibility, choice, and cost-saving opportunities in your educational journey.

Industry-relevant skills:

Our data science course will equip you with the skills required to analyze and interpret data, which are in high demand in many industries.

Access to resources:

Our university courses in data science often have access to specialized software, databases, and other resources that may not be available to the general public.

Networking opportunities:

Taking a data science course at university can provide opportunities to network with other students, instructors, and professionals in the field, which can be valuable for future career prospects.

Preparation for advanced study:

We offer opportunities such as practical, hands-on experience through projects, internships. Our course in data science also serves as a solid foundation for further study in the field, such as our master's degree.

Stay up-to-date with industry developments:

The field of data science is constantly evolving, and taking a course in university can help you stay up-to-date with the latest developments and advancements

Qualified For In-demand Data Science Jobs

The Expected Salary Can Range From $90,000 To $150,000 Or More

Salary Varies Depending On Various Factors Such As Job Title, Industry, Location, Experience, And Education Level.

Data Scientist

o Data Scientist
o Machine Learning Engineer
o Data Analyst

Data Engineering

o Data Engineer
o Big Data Engineer
o Database Administrator


o Data Science Consultant
o Business Intelligence Consultant


o Cybersecurity Data Analyst
o Information Security Analyst
o Threat Intelligence Analyst

Artificial Intelligence

o Artificial Intelligence Engineer
o Machine Learning Engineer
o Natural Language Processing Engineer

Research and Development

o Research Data Scientist
o Data Science Researcher
o Research Engineer

Business Intelligence and Analytics

o Business Intelligence Analyst
o Data Visualization Specialist
o Data Governance Specialist

What You Will Learn
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Data Science Courses


Calculus, linear algebra, probability, and statistics.


Python, R, SQL, and other programming languages.

Data Preprocessing and Cleaning

Techniques for handling missing and corrupted data, feature scaling, and normalization

Data Visualization

Techniques for visualizing and exploring data using tools such as matplotlib, ggplot, and Tableau.

Data Storage and Retrieval

Fundamentals of databases and data storage systems, including SQL and NoSQL databases.

Data Exploration and Analysis

Techniques for exploring and analyzing data using descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, and regression analysis.

Machine Learning:

The theory and application of machine learning algorithms such as linear regression, decision trees, random forests, and deep learning.

Deep Learning

Techniques for building and training deep learning models using tools such as TensorFlow and PyTorch

Big Data Processing

Techniques for processing and analyzing large amounts of data using tools such as Apache Spark and Hadoop

Data Ethics and Privacy

An introduction to ethical considerations and privacy concerns related to data science and machine learning

A Quiet And Peaceful College Environment For Focusing

What students Say

I attended it and I absolutely loved it! Before starting, I was already sure I wanted to switch from academia to data science. I was mostly looking for an opportunity to higher paid jobs. FeiTian DS program is sure the right place for me to learn.


I decided to enroll into a data science program, and I am so enjoying the insite so interesting! i am acknowledging it and looking forward to the job in this area, i feel everyday is new life.


Studying data science was such a great investment into my future. The mentoring aspect of it was the most helpful for me. I really felt supported and empowered by the teachers, coaches, and staffs, and got such high quality education and personalized care from them.


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What you'll learn


Deep Learning

Data Visualization

Machine Learning

Neural Networks

Recommendation Systems


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